DB challenge to come!

Hey... I'm still working on it!

Give me a break already :)


My (most humble) apology!

I've been gone for far too long. This past month and a half have taken a toll on me. There's been illness, death, robberies, etc. that has kept me away from my blog for some time now. All I can say is that I've miss you all and that I hope to gain your interest back. Due to my home being robbed, I no longer have a digital camera. I'm limited to what all I can show you, so just bare with me. Mr. J did say that it was ok to get another one.... so we'll see.

I received a phone call today from Ms. K.H. (I'm not going to insert her name, but she knows who she is). She told me that she was looking at my site and commented that I purchased my HOMEMADE pies at Marie Calender's. I'll kick her butt later for this comment, but it made me think about how long it's been since I blogged. Way too long, so I'm back... I hope you missed me.

(about my phone call)
To know KH is to love her. This is Ms. "1RUFRYD"/ "RUFRYDR"/ 'You Remind Me of My Jeep' in the flesh (she owned a Jeep Wrangler when it was COOL). This crazy ass woman that introduced me to 3 things that I'll never forget: The Mirage (a strip club in LA/Inglewood, circa 1992), frozen peach cobbler (only sold at the Ralph's by our house) and how eating always made everything better (she also showed me how to truly piss off my uncle by painting his toe nails while he slept). I can't tell you how fun my first year of working out at LAX was because of my mom, my uncle and KH. Late nights and early mornings would have never been the same if it wasn't for all the ignorant stuff we use to do.

I acknowledge my learning to wear high heels, hoochie mama shorts and low-cut, revealing shirts to both KH and Be-Be, her sister (may she rest in peace). We would get up early on Sunday, attend church (at Mt Zion, off Broadway and Manchester), go back to Be-Be's house, eat, eat some more, sleep, make peach cobbler, get dressed and head out to the Mirage (all in one day). These women had all of the men in this place drooling all over them, and they never minded having a "young buck" hanging out with them. I was learning the ropes from the best...and I learned A LOT! (I spare you the details of how a friend of ours obtained the nickname of "screamer")

KH's favorite words back then were "E-e-e-a-s-s-y Tiger!"... a saying that I still use today.

Thanks KH for the call, I needed the boost.
P.s. Give the recipe for that damn gumbo!