Happy Valentine's Day!

From me to you!


Do I look 1 years old?

..and now the Cake!

So, Chris' birthday party was wonderful. Inspite of the rain, we had a packed house filled with friends and family. Thank you to everyone who made the trip in the rain, and waited patiently for me to finish the cake (that damn cake). Grandma, Jerome, Sindhu and Prasidini came ALL THE WAY from S.D.; Grandpa drove in from Temecula; G-Mama came in from Lawndale; Shawna, Jim and Maya came from Lakewood; Carla and Jayla came all the way from Hawhtorne (;>)and Aimee, Mariah and Chynna came from next door! Uncle Tom mailed in a beautiful blanket (he lives in Palm Springs but the blanket came from Alaska.

We dined on pigs in a blanket, sliders, spinach/artichoke dip, vegetables, etc.

It was truly a blessing to have you all in our home. We hope to see you all real soon.

What started off as being a simple 2-layer chocolate cake in the shape of a football, turned into a 4-layer, 2-flavor cake, in the shape of a football.
Anyway, Chris didn't seem to mind, he loved it:

Here's the cake assembled...

crumb coated...

cutting into the cake...

fondant applied... (look at the swirl effect -that I wasn't trying to achieve)

The recipes came out of this book, which I recieved as a Christmas gift. I truly love this book.


Happy Birthday "Christian"

We made it!
Today we will be celebrating Chris turning 1 years old. It's truly a blessing for us to make it to this milestone. He's such a wonderful baby and more handsome than we could have hoped for. 1 year ago today (at 7:..am) I was eagerly waiting for the doctor to tell me to "push." It had been a long night with no progress in labor (I stayed at 3 cm for about 13+ hours). After 8:38 nothing else mattered as we were able to hold our little guy for the first time.

Here was chris' first diaper change (by his mommy):

...and here is the famous picture of our cable remote kicking Chris' butt (look how big that remote looks compared to the baby):

Well, I'll be back later. It's raining outside but I still have to prepare for Chris' 1st birthday party. It's a Super Bowl themed one (duh) complete with a football cake (that I'm making myself). Wish me luck.


T minus 2 (days) and counting!

Can you believe it? Chris will be turning 1 years old on Sunday (02.03.08).
This year has certainly gone by way too quickly. Watching him walk around, kicking
balls and trying to play with his big brother and sister is truly amazing.

Now begins the hectic "Pre-Party Shopping" to get ready for Sunday.

Wish me luck, I'm planning some cool treats and food for the day, Super Bowl style.
(Yooo Hooo TRISH!... we will be partaking on the dip, so I'll tell you how it turned out)