Let's catch you up...

Ok, so it's been a while since the last time I've posted. Basically, here's the last couple of months in fast forward:

- Celebrated 1 year anniversary (wth a visit to San Francisco)
- Summer (school) break began for the kiddies
- Picked up 8 more properties to manage (total count is 26 - yikes!)
- Clif celebrated 1st Father's Day (officially)
- Ms Ryann was an all-star at the LA Sparks b-ball camp
- Clif had toe surgery (in-grown nail)
- Chris turned 4,5 & 6 months old (see old blog)
- Lil Raye got his first Mohawk hair cut
- Started "new" blogpage to include ENTIRE family

*You can always catch up (somewhat) with earlier year's events by checking out my old blog.

Ok.... let's get this show on the road (tomorrow :)!