Runner's, start your training!

So a couple of friends and I decided to enter into the Nike Women's Marathon that is coming up this October, in San Francisco, CA. It sucks because I wouldn't have any known to sign up if it wasn't for my SFAMily members who are always on the ball. Their group didn't make the lottery cut (there were so many people that signed up last year, Nike decided to select runners via a lottery). I'll be walking/running/sweating with them in mind.

Let's see how all of my baking will come into play with me training for a full on marathon.


R said...

Are you running the full or half? Regardless, I'm still jealous that you got in. But not angry, mean jealous. Just wish I could be there jealous. ;)

Keep training and run like the wind in October! We'll be thinking about you. :)

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wan-nabe said...

what r said ;)