Gosh darn it!

Clif had a Holiday Boo Bash celebartion at his job this past Tuesday. Co-workers were all to pitch in and bring a dessert treat to the 'shingdig' (the execs were springing for - wait for it - PIZZA).

We decided to make a carrot cake (w/ orange-colored, cream cheese frosting) and decorate it as a jack-o-latern.

Here's the cake (during the designing stage):

Here's what it looked like after I put it in the car; drove to Long Beach (from Torrance); sat in the car for a few minutes talking to Clif; watched daddy play with Chris during his short break... and then dropped it on the floor, of the Quest, right before handing it to Clif before he took it upstairs to share with his co-workers.

*&!%^/?$@# cake holding, tupperware dish)


Brilynn said...

Despite the bumpy ride it took, the pumpkin looks great and the fact that it's a carrot cake with cream cheese icing makes it delicious too!

Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

R said...

Oh no!! I've dropped a cake before. It hurts when you put all that work in to it, don't it? It looked awesome though! :)