size does MATTER!

Whoever started that crap about 'size does not matter' must have been on drugs. I mean, you've never heard of someone say, "Waiter, can you please put back that large lobster tail, and bring me the smallest one instead?" Or, "I'm sorry honey, this diamond ring you to me is way too large. Can you please give me a smaller one?" Even better, "Boss!? I think the raise that you gave to me was too big. Can you give me a smaller raise? I don't feel comfortable with this large amount."

Granted if you're on a diet, you may not pertake with that 2nd helping of cake. You may want to fit into that smaller dress size, and you want a smaller shoe size instead of looking like Big Foot in your size 11 shoe (I wear a 10 by the way). But when it comes down to most things that are worth having... ... you want the BIG STUFF! Bring on the big hotel rooms, flower bouquets and gifts under the Christmas tree.

Well, the same is true when it comes to televisions.

Clif and I decided to do a little bit of Green (or Black) Friday shopping. Oh, how we planned on getting up at 3am, but when the alarm went off WE went right back to sleep. Finally waking up at around 9am (ahh, the good life) we got dressed. I talked to my mom who was PISSED at not getting a laptop that she wanted and then we headed to the Circuit City in Rolling Hills. Our plans were to grab me a new d-camera. Nothing TOO fancy, I think Clif just wanted to finally shut me and stop my constant hints at wanting one. We arrived in the store and of course it was a mad house. Cruising past all of the hostile shoppers we decided to head over to the television section to 'take a peak.' What ended up catching our eyes was a 40" plasma for (hold your breath) $699. Of course this price was too good to be true because just as we saw the display sign, we heard the announcement that the "6 hour sale" was over (we also found out that they no longer had any of those sets left). *sigh*

We left out of CC and headed over to Kohl's. Our intent was to pick up some thermos for Clif, but after looking at the line (and the poor selection) we left the store.

Walking past CC again we had a sour taste in our mouth. Suddenly "a new television" was on our mind. We decided to go down the street to the BestBuy. Giving ourselves a time limit to find a parking space (anything more than 10 minutes and we were to abandon the idea) we pulled into the parking lot. 2 mintutes later we found a spot and were out of the car. After a few 'ooohs' and 'awwwws' (made by me only) at some of the selection of tubes, we came across an intelligent Magnolia rep who answered all of my husband's questions about 1 t.v. that caught our eyes. 5 sets were available when we first arrived; 0 were left after we grabbed ours and headed to the cashier.

T.V., mounting unit, new HD cable-ready box, HDMI cable and HD dvd player purchase followed, and I'm happy to say that WE HAVE A NEW TELE. :)
(did I say that I loved my husband? I do!)

Here's our latest toy:

(we even mounted it to the wall ourselves. Afterwards we had a Coke toast to our latest home improvement project)


WeezerMonkey said...

I want your toy!

R said...

I'm glad Hubbs doesn't read your blog. He wants one sooo bad! Yay for BIG new toys! ;)

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