USH the 3rd time!

Ok, so if anyone is keeping track, my family has gone to USH 3 times this year (so far). Our adventure began back in July/August when we had to spend damn near $300 to get in to this place. wtf? (is what we say each and every time we remember dropping that wad). Anyhoot, we've been pretty hell-bent on getting our money's worth from those season passes. The score is definitely turning in our favor. I think we have at least 2 more trips before this year is up. This time we decided to check out the 'Studio Tour' and 'Shrek 4D' Bring something to wipe off your glasses with, after seeing this show; you're in for a real treat :)

1st trip - $70/person
2nd trip - $35/person
3rd trip - $23.33/person

..at this rate USH will be paying us to go to the park. Now if only we could stop spending money when we get there.

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R said...

Get your money's worth!!