Stress-free trip to S.D.

Since we didn't head down to San Diego for Thanksgiving, we knew that we needed to go hang out with the family at some point this weekend. We opted to go on Saturday so that there was no mad rush to get home on Sunday, and still prepare for work.

Again, we slept in late, slowly getting ready for the 2 hour trip. At about 2p we finally loaded up the car and started on our journey. I have to admit that the drive wasn't all that bad. Except for the part when we needed to pull over because I felt like I was going to blow junks (and NO, I'm not pregnant) and also when we were passing areas that were burned during last month's fire (including the area right next to the San Onofre NUCLEAR plant <---- that may not have been good).

It was nice hanging out for a few hours with our SD family. Playing with the kids and talking about everything from Patty's coyote scare, Sindhu's fear of mice, Prasadini and Mia's motherly advise to be quiet (while they watched "Annie"), why Cameron decided to hang out in the Cohiba lounge (auntie Maria's bedroom, sans cigar) and why Clif LIED to me about catching that doggone lizard.

It was a great visit. We were sorry that we couldn't see our buddies Lucy, Jaime and Rosalina. We still haven't seen Johnny, April and Riley (since earlier this year). We hope to see you all real soon.

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