Apple Zeppole w/ Cinnamon Whipped Cream

So a few days back I was watching the food network (imagine that?) and the big-head Italian lady (you know who I'm talking about) made this delicious treat. They were everything she said they would be, and the whipped cream was the perfect compliment.

Recipe is HERE:

grated apple:

dough in the saucepan:

add the eggs:

add the grated apple:

scoop up the dough:

fry up the batter:

sprinkle w/sugar and serve with whipped cream:

Tip #1:
Be sure and use Granny Smith Apples for that sour contrast.
Tip #2:
Be sure and have enough oil to fry. I didn't, and the result was mini-pancakes, instead of round balls.
Tip #3:
Powdered sugar will dissolve quickly on the zeppole, if you don't eat them right away, the pretty decoration will be gone!



wan-nabe said...

you are a baking, cooking FOOL.

i say that with nothing but love, of course :)

I(dot)J said...

I love you too babe! I can't help myself... I'm going mad!

R said...

Look at Chris chompin' away!

Nanette said...

Cute pic! Yummy recipe!