Oh my, how time flies!

Wow, it's been a little while since my last post. My intentions then were to fully catch you up on all the things that have been happening, all the sweets I've cooked, etc, etc. Why I ended up doing was loading a bunch of photos, cut and crop "some" them, write a brief summary about those that made the cut, and then get too tired to finish. I apologize, this holiday season did a number on me.

I know that most of you can relate, but I've just been really busy. The holidays tend to take a lot out of me, and recovering from them is just as time consuming. Lately I've been trying to hang low, and not do too much on the pc. Even tonight (this morning) as I'm writing this, I really just want to lie down and finish watching the food network (<--- I love this channel).

Clif is out of town on business. He had to go to stupid-dumb Tulsa,OK for the weekend because some stupid-dumb contractor didn't want to do their job during normal business hours/days (asschumps). Anyhoot, me and Chris have just been hanging low, messing up the house. He's asleep (for now), but now I feel all alone.

Aw, now I just want to eat a pint of ice cream, and 1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies.



wan-nabe said...

you always have us asschumps to hang with ;)

Tonya said...

Woe is me. Woe

R said...

Yes, you are never alone. ;)