Enough is enough already, sheesh!

SoCal has been hit with a pretty big storm over the past couple of days. In my neck of the woods, we're expecting to get (at least) 3 more days of the "wet stuff" so the tunnel is still looking a little dark. I know that we need it, "we" being CAH-LEE-FURN-YA, because rain is something that we don't get much 'round this here parts.

I'm always conflicted because "rain" comes with such a high price. I mean, outdoor plans get cancelled (I have lots of those); automobile accidents increase, which in turns means I don't like to drive with ya'll crazy asschumps (further cancelling my "plans"); and my clothes (mostly my pants) always get wet because I don't have the wardrobe that handles it effectively.

Take for instance driving my kids to school this morning. My ONLY pair of rain boots (wait, define rain boots? These are my Timberland-like boots that I wear in the rain) were left outside yesterday because I was cleaning up around the building. Well, I didn't put them far enough back on the porch, and they were soaked this morning when I tried to slip them on. I had to put on my "All Day I Dream About Sex (<---80's shout out!) and try and stay dry. Of course my feet ended up getting all wet because 'sneakers' aren't made for puddles.

And you know what will happen next right? I'll go out and by the REAL rain boots, and it'll be 90+ degrees for the next 5 years.


dapotato said...

asshumps! adidas! i love this post.

kellypea said...

I LOVED this! Asschumps...Bwhahahaha! I may have to borrow that one. And because I live in San Diego, I totally understand. The issue is, will the weathermen get it correct this time? Um...probably not. Do NOT spend money in real rainboots. You're kidding, right?

Trisha said...

My friend has rain boots and gets excited when it rains so she can wear them. But really, they're probably only good for maybe 5 days per year. She's had them for years and likely has only worn them maybe 2 handfuls of times.

wan-nabe said...

i lost it at the "adidas." bwahahahahaha!!

the kid has rain boots, and i was totally jealousE when she busted them out today. damn.

R said...

The bottom of my pants are constantly damp in weather like this.