I now have the BIBLE

If you were to take a look at the blogs I have listed on my site, you'd notice two things right off the bat: 1 - most of my top blog sites are of my SFAMily sisters. This is a great group of women that I met during my wedding planning stage. We all live (or we all did at one point - one of us is gone away - but still in daily contact) in or around the LA area. We stretch from the 101, 210, 5, 10, 710, 110 and the 5. If you ANYTHING about SoCal you know this is a large area. If you ever needed to know anything about planning a wedding, decorations, photography, catering, CUPCAKES or simply WHERE TO EAT... you really just need to ask one of my sisters. We're a worldly bunch.

The second thing you'd notice is that the next group of blog sites (immediately after the FAM BAM) is what I believe to be some of the best bakers in the world. I say this because... I don't know any chefs, I haven't travelled too much to think differently (some are international sites, so I can say 'the world') and if the pictures of their desserts represent anything about what it tastes like... they are truly the best.

Julian is one of my all time favorites. I don't know what he does in his 9-5, but HONEY CHILE, he should be getting paid for baking and creating. He talks about a really great book that breaks down baking to a science. Think I'm playin? Here's a quote from THE CAKE BIBLE,

"Problems with cake baking usually begin at over three thousand feet. Lower air pressure causes water to boil at a lower temperature so that more evaporation takes place during baking and cakes may be dry. If too much evaporation takes place, there will not be adequate moisture to fully gelatinize the starch and set the structure..."

The author of this book wrote her masters dissertation on whether sifting affects the quality of a yellow cake. WTF? I now have, what I believe to be, two great books to bake with. Thanks Winnie and Julian.


wan-nabe said...

i gots mad love for you, SFAM.

and, i heart the use of "honey chile" in this post.

R said...

Wow. Who knew baking was so deep?