My first test from the THE BOOK

I've decided to attempt to make delicious desserts at LEAST once a month. Of course this dessert doesn't include whatever my monthly challenge is from the DB, so make that at LEAST two treats for the house. After getting, and partially reading, the Cake Bible, I asked Clif to pick out the first recipe that I was going to attempt. He chose the "Golden Butter Cream Cake" and it turned out to be a nice cake.

This cake is a simple cake. It only bakes up to be 1 3/8 inches so it's a relatively short cake. Berambaum was right on when she described the crust of the cake, very buttery and flaky. The cake taste was a bit surprising though, it almost had a 'cracker-type' feel to it, it kind of dissolves in your mouth. At first bite it seemed dry, but if you took another bite it wasn't bad. You can definitely taste the butter which is why she says "if you love butter, you'll love this cake."

My opinion: next time I will frost the cake with a whipped cream topping, something light since the cake itself is light.


R said...

Dude, cake and butter...mmm...

Can you make a bacon and cheese cake? ;)

wan-nabe said...

i love butter.

i love cake.

i love whipped cream.

everybody wins!