It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our family ornament this year!
This year I stayed home and anxiously awaiting what my family would select as this year's holiday tree. Approximately one hour after leaving the house, the troops returned with Helen (I named our tree). She's beautifully FLOCKED (I love that word) and sits perfectly in the designated corner in our livingroom.
Here's pictures of Clif as he brought it into the house.

It was his idea to get a flocked tree.

It was the princess' turn to place the angel on the tree.

Our angel watches over us.

I love the way ornaments shine off of a tree at night.

What a get picture.


Winnie said...

I love how you named your tree :)

R said...

I love pretty lights and ornaments on trees. Helen is lovely. Her flocking mess is not. ;)

wan-nabe said...

oh, flock!