SFAMily Holiday Hoorah 2007

This past Sunday was the SFAMily Holiday Hoorah 2007 gathering at Wan's house. Thank you sweetie pie for opening up your home to us crazy gals. By far the best picture of the day was this one (and it's many variations)
Check out "K's" do!

The brunch was filled with great food, great conversation and even better presents. We exchanged 'normal' gifts as well as 'white elephant' gifts. Which I think is the only animal that was not given away as a poop dispenser

We even had our very own MIMOSA FAIRY

Check out the rest of the
SFAMily Holiday Hoorah 2007
(way too many to post here)


dapotato said...

thanks for posting the photos. ;). much clearer/less blurry than mine. such a great party and day...

WeezerMonkey said...

Where is your awesome group pic?! Please e-mail! ;)

R said...

That's it! I must get a fancy camera. These are great pictures girl. Thanks so much for sharing and it was so good to see you again. :)

wan-nabe said...

it was so. much. fun.

and i am still so grateful that you ladies were willing to drive to the farthest corner of the world for me :)