I've been tagged!

One of the most inspiring bakers that I know (and I'm studying, reading and watching this blog like a hawk) Julius has tagged me with a "meme?" Did I say that right? It's like a chain letter that we are suppose to answer and then pass along to someone who we think will answer/read. I noramlly don't like chain letter but this one is kind of cool, so I graciously accept. So, as I told Julius, here goes:

What were you cooking/baking ten years ago?

Baking? Ha! I think the only thing I might have been baking 10 years ago would have been boxed cakes. I've always loved eating uncooked cake mix (even so much that I've gotten in trouble numberous times from my mom) I've ruined so many of them by eating over 1/2 of the mixture.

What were you cooking/baking one year ago?

I was definitely baking 1 year ago. About 2 years ago I was introduce to Sprinkle cupcakes. Almost immediately afterwards I began trying to come up with my own creatios for cupcakes (it was so the "in" thing). Besides cupcakes, I've been steadily baking cookies and regular cakes.

The snack you enjoy the most:

SNICKERS! I can eat one of these bars on anyday and at any time.

A culinary luxury you would indulge in if you were a millionaire:

I would love to spend a month in Europe learning how to create authentic pastries.

What do you bake the most?

Cupcakes, cookies and cobblers (the 3C's).

One thing you cannot/will not eat:

(I'm sorry if I piss someone off) Liver. I can't stand the way it looks!

Favourite culinary toy:

(owned) Hand held torch
(wanted) KitchenAid 5 qt mixer (w/flame designs all over - like on FoodNetwork)

A must on your “last meal” menu:

Ribeye Steak or Brazilian-style steak.

Five recipes you know by heart:

Stuffed mushrooms w/italian sausage, etc.
Cream cheese pound cake
Jamacian Jerk chicken wings
Triple chocolate chip cookies w/pecans
Twiced baked potatoes
(so as you can see, it's NORAML recipes the consume my life *sigh*)

Happy food memories:

1. Me and my mom having an egg fight (hey... eggs are food)
2. While giving birth to my first child, my mom place a Snickers (see, there I go again) at the front of the room, to aid me with my focal point. It worked.
3. My husband making me a romantic dinner from scratch.
4. My mom use to get me Carver, numbered, ice-cream cakes for my birthday. I continuted the tradition with my first born (sorry later children)

Well, that's it. I'm going to pass this little assignment onto Nanner, WeMo, my girl "R", the big Potato and "Wan"-erific blogger. Take it away gang!


WeezerMonkey said...

Oh, goodness. I dare say I have very little to write for this meme! Monkey doesn't cook!

I guess I can answer the eating questions, though. ;)

I(dot)J said...

love you babe!

dapotato said...

awesome! a food meme. i'll get on it later today.

Julius said...

Thanks for writing the meme.

I think stuffed mushrooms with Italian sausage is a fancy dish, honest. :)

wan-nabe said...

oh, snap! i'm way late, but i'll get on it right away. that's what i get for falling so behind on my blogreading. thanks for the tag, yo!