Blogger's 'word verification' BITES!

Ok, it's like 1:50am in the morning.
I shouldn't be up (but I am).
I can hardly see (because I'm constantly rubbing my eyes)
I want to answer some posts (that my compadres have left on their blogs)

and what do I have to deal with???

Blogger's WORD VERIFICATION. I mean, maybe it wouldn't be so hard if the letters didn't run into each other and make it look like a "t" instead of a "f"

O Boy, now I know I'm ti-red.


WeezerMonkey said...

Sorry! I just don't want spam! I'm up, too. (Obviously.) At least you have a baby. I don't have any reason to be up except for the fact that I'm crazy.

Aline said...

I hate those damn things too.. they are necessary though. Oh the yin and yang of life.