Here leee-zar leee-zar!

Ok, so today I came home from picking up the kids from school to a surprise visitor.
After putting the baby down on the livingroom floor, placing the diaper bag and purse on the couch, and watching Raye and Ryann dash for their bedroom; I entered into the kitchen. I stopped in mid step when I saw a small reptile on the floor. I must have screamed pretty loudly because the baby began to cry and the kids came running out of their room. I immediately picked up the phone for help, since Clifton wasn't at home. The first person I called was our babysitter Mariah. She's fearless and also knows a lot about (uhh) animals. The last time this damn lizard tried to enter into the house, she was able to help catch it and release it into the yard.

This time, however, it made it into the house, through the livingroom and onto the kitchen floor. It then began to squirm over to the cabinets where I tried to block it's path to the computer area, but the damn thing then started to run towards the stove. At this time the calvary showed up to try and help, but the lizard made a mad dash under the stove, where it remains.

I called my husband and begged for him to come home. I called my property management supervisor to request a new screen/security door be installed (one that is lizard-proof) and finally I called emergency pest control (yes.... I went there). My boss laughed and authorized the gate purchase; Clif arrived home and began checking his fantasy football scores and our babysitter decided it would be fun to try and continue to make me jump out of my skin. When pest control showed up I was already leaving to take Ryann to softball/soccer practice. I rushed back home, after dropping her off at the field and the pest control "guy" assured me that he caught/released our small visitor and there was nothing to worry about. PHEW!

While cooking dinner/washing dishes, I had a funny feeling and decided to ask Clifton if the creature was really caught. He ran into the bedroom (trying to conceal his laughter) before coming back into the kitchen and confessing that 'No, it's still in there .' Apparently he and the ()*&)@%^&*%# pest control guy decided that it would be best for me to see the damn thing crawl from under the stove, or better yet for Christian to play with it while entertaining himself on the floor in the livingroom.

I just hope it doesn't make his/her way into our bedroom/bathroom/clothes/etc.
Where the hell is my slingshot when I need it?


WeezerMonkey said...

We found a lizard in our bathtub in our bungalow in Australia during our honeymoon. It was...um...rustic!

Mr. Monkey caught the little sucker in a glass and set him free outside. He used his hand to cover the top, but maybe you can try a coaster or a small dish. :)

wan-nabe said...

ew, ew, ew, ew. i'm no good with anything creepy-crawly.

dapotato said...

ew. just bake something. maybe it'll get so hot under there that he'll just die. cold-blooded sucker.

oh wait, then you'll have rotting lizard under the stove. never mind. bad plan.