Sunday/Monday recap

Sunday morning, after a FONDANT-crazy night, I decide to make my husband homemade buttermilk buscuits. I picked up the recipe from this site. They came out pretty good, but I think it needs more butter in the ingredients.

After indulging in the biscuits and blackberry preserves, we headed out to LBC to stop by one of my properties (I have 30). Once we were finished with the open house, we headed over to Belmont Shores to take a walk. While doing a little window shopping, we ran into a couple of participants of the Avon Breast Cancer walk who wanted to know, if we knew, where the street Claremont was. Why? They were going to check out "Frosted" a new cupcakery to the neighborhood. Well, I'm always ready to do a taste comparison, so we followed them to the SPOT! It's a small location (seriously small 1/2 size of Sprinkles) and the selection didn't take my breath away (I think I'm just loyal to the big "S"). I do have to say that their carrot cake cupcake was good, but their red velvet did not have anything on Sprinkles. It is also my opinion that their cupcakes were smaller in size, and what's with the cherry on top?

Afterwards we headed home to watch some football (already in progress) and to finally cut THE CAKE.
First as back up, I baked another cake... a homemade (completely from scratch) carrot cake. I picked up the recipe from this site. I sprinkled walnuts on top of the cake to add my own "flare". Both cakes were good.

Today was quite busy. Me and Chris was on the go visiting properties, making bank deposits, filling out forms, checking on vacancies and preparing for a monthly meeting.

I'm almost ready to brag that LIPSTICK JOCKS kicked the "other" teams butt. I'll wait for the official score tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.


Nanette said...

You are a baking GODDESS! And now I'm really sad that our oven is broken.

wan-nabe said...

seeing that cupcake next to the li'l one really shows how small it is! such a cute pic :)

and, more butter is always good.