Week 1 Fantasy Football score

Ok, so I wasn't smart enough to pick a team who will be playing in Monday Nights 49er vs. Cardinals game, therefore I can tell you what my score is for week 1.
I was matched up against "ICEMAN" from my league, and the final score was 86-101; I lost. I was ahead in the first quarter of the game by 5. I thought I could just sit back and coast into a victory, and then T.O. (Terrell Owens) showed up to play. He ran up some yards and had a couple of touch downs.

T.O. took my victory

The way Fantasy Football works is you get to pick (in a draft) a certain number of NFL players to play on your 'fantasy' team (kind of like a dream team of players). Anyhoot, every week your team matches up against another team in your league (a group of friends/family that wanted to all play against each other). Your team gets points based on the results of the players you chose to be on your team (i.e. T.O. gets 1 pt per every 10 yards he runs; 6 pts for every touch down). My opponent, Iceman, had T.O. on his team, and therefore got all the points that T.O. got for his work.

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