This blog message comes to you at the beginning of yet another HOT ASS-EDED day in Southern California. I know that summer days are supposed to be filled with warm rays of sunshine, refreshing dips in a pool and a tall glass of ice cold lemonade.... BUT DAMN! Can a sista get a 5 minute break? This past week has been ri-dic-u-lous. Triple digit weather, rolling black outs (no electricity to run the a/c) and drinks that are not that cold once they come out of the frig.

Weekend Recap:
Friday - me and Chris just hung out with daddy (after not getting out of the house until after 3:30p) We went shopping for Ryann's 10th birthday (9/1)

Saturday - we hosted a huge breakfast spread with two of our neighboring families. The spread included: pancakes, eggs (w/onions, bell peppers and sundried tomatoes), biscuits, potatos (w/onions and peppers), bacon, veggie sausage, o.j. (for the kiddies) and mimosas (for those over 18+)

Sunday - Clif bought me some new "chonies" from GAP. They were having a sale and we were so obliged. *funny story, Clif was SURPRISE at the prices of bras!* I'm sure he won't be telling me to 'just go and buy 5 or 6 since you want some' anymore :(

Monday (Labor Day) - no B-B-Q for us. We headed over to my SIL house where grandma and grandpa were there to play with the little ones. CPK was our food of choice, however after waiting 25 minutes to only receive 3 out of the 5 entrees; another 15 to receive 1 other one; we decided we didn't want the last dish (poor grandma); paid the bill and WAS OUT!


WeezerMonkey said...

Hot damn is right!

wan-nabe said...

wow, that's one hell of a breakfast spread!

and you already KNOW my thoughts on the heat.