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So if you haven't already voted in my weekly question (see below column to the right) my weekend began like this:

2:00 am - bedtime (checking the blog, updating fantasy football pics, etc.)

9:00 am - wake up and begin breakfast (I also got uniforms ready for games)

10:45 am - leave the house for the first game

11:00 am - Raye's LAST (Gardena YMCA) basketball game begins.
We won 3-2; our season's record was 5-3 (that may not sound like much, but it was a good season)

12:00 pm - Raye game ends; and the after effects of Korean BBQ begins (don't ask)

1:00 pm - Ryann's 'scheduled' LAST (Gardena YMCA) basketball games begins.
We lost this game 26-17; our record at that moment was 7-2. We played this traveling team that has played together for 2 years. They gave us our only 2 losses.

2:00 pm - hop in the car to head over to Westchester YMCA to play Ryann's 'actual' LAST (Gardena YMCA) basketball game. Their team wanted to play our team.

3:00 pm - GAME TIME! We win this game 31-14; which improves are overall standings to 8-2.

I'm very proud of both Ryann and Raye for this season of b-ball.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I am sad to hear that Korean BBQ had "after effects." BOOOOO.