Fantasy football huh?

So Clif asked me to join this fantasy football league with a few family and friends. Why not? I love football. I know football. Plus it'll be a way to sit and enjoy some time with Clif during the games.
Now you'd think that for a first timer (a virgin you might say) of the whole "fantasy football" fiasco, my hubby would sit me down and properly explain all that I may need to know (to be competitive that is). Well, you'd (and I'd) be wrong. Instead he explains it all to a neighbor (who has joined the league) to get him better situated.
Wish me luck. If you want to check out my stats, click here.... I'm the LIPSTICK JOCKS!
Hey, I had to think of something creative and a name that would inform whoever that I'm a LADY!
Fantasy footbal '07, here I come.

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Lulu said...

Good words.