1 crusty crabcake please!

Oh, boy... I completely forgot about blogging about my attempt to make crabcakes. Me and Clif, a while back, went to the Chart House for dinner. We had the most amazing crabcake (yes... we shared 1- crabcake) for an appetizer. After this encounter I decided I would try to make some. How hard could it be? It's just crabmeat, seasoning and oil.

First, I had to decide what type of crab to purchase. I hate imitation crabmeat, so that was out. Was I really going to buy some legs and then remove the meat.... HELL TO THE NAH! So the next best thing was to by the REAL meat. At Bristol Farms they had a good selection, and I ended up buying Blue Star lump crab meat. I also pikced up some shrimp to add into the cakes.

Add some seasoning, mayo, mustard.... and... "Houston, we have crabcakes!"

I even made a homemade sauce to go with it. The sauce was made of mayo, mustard, lemon juice and some of the same seasoning I used in the crabcakes.


WeezerMonkey said...

Homemade crabcakes?! Wow.
(All of my comments sound the same!)

wan-nabe said...

it's actually really easy to screw up homemade crabcakes. trust me.

R said...

How'd they taste? Because I wanna jump through the screen and eat them up right now.