Now where was I?

Oh yeah, before I was so rudely interupted by this stinkin' stomach virus, flu, cold; I was talking about my son turning 7. It's funny how kids want to celebrate their birthday for as long as they can. How dare they?

My son wanted a 'Last Day Being 6' cake (which was triple layer chocolate cake).This cake came complete with a song ("happy last day of being 6 to you...")

At 4:30am, Clif and I woke Raye up to open up some new toys (Spiderman Wii game and a Power Ranger helmet - Raye was so psyched!)
On his actual birthday Raye was surprised by mommy at school. I took some red velvet cupcakes to his class with juice and a toy for all of his friends
(His teacher has never heard of 'red velvet' before). Later that day the family came over to sing 'happy birthday' to Raye

and play the new game. Nana even came by and kicked his butt (see his face)

Fast forward to Saturday, where we had his official birthday party at Skate Depot in Cerritos. I made chocolate cupcakes from scratch and arranged them to spell "Raye"

Happy birthday baby... let's do it again next year


Nanette said...

I hope you're feeling better!

And I think it's awesome that he wanted to celebrate "last day being 6.' I'm going to consider that for all my future birthdays, too!

WeezerMonkey said...

You are such an incredible mom.

R said...

I love this. You know I do.