Gambling is not THAT bad!

This weekend was filled with good surprises.
My Saturday was free for me to do whatever I wanted. Well first I had to take the kiddies to take soccer photos, but after that they were off to celebrate a very special 65th birthday with their great-Auntie Audrey.

I headed over to my girl Bren's house, and met up with her, KD and CW (little Cameron came along to hang out with the big girls - and Layla). We chatted a little bit about starting up a new business (stay tuned for more information). After that I headed out with my friend Amie, for a mani-pedi date. The men were watching football and seriously could care less where or what we were doing. On Sunday I was pleasantly surprised with FINALLY kicking my opponents BUTT in fantasy football. LIPSTICK JOCKS RULE!

Let's back up a little to Friday. My darling husband, who has every-other Friday off, and I were picking up the kids from school when he we made a small wager. He bet that our coffee pot at home held less than 8 cups. Don't ask me how we got on this subject, but we did and I accepted the bet. Of course I won, and his payment was to create a home cooked dinner for us, the way he used to. On the menu would be cornish game hens, cranberries and pizza (I know), plus whatever else he wanted to cook for me.

The original due date for this meal was Friday. It then got pushed to Saturday because we had a sudden urge to have Brazillan BBQ on Friday (that was never fulfilled - damn that Samba). Saturday came and went with us eating (I can't remember) for dinner. Sunday was a pretty busy day with 3 softball/baseball games, so needless to say we were too tired to cook on that night.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening. Clif came home and immediately started defrosting the hens. He left them in the fridge this whole time, but they were still a little frozen. At about 9:30p we sat down to a wonderfully flavored meal that my hubbie cooked all for me.

On the menu:
-Cornish game hens; cooked with cranberries, port wine, pine nuts and seasoning
-Pesto pizza: cooked on boboli bread, homemade pesto sauce, cheese, bacon and more pine nuts
-Ceasar salad
-Carmel covered monkey bread (for dessert)
-Glass-o-wine: Cabornet

Take a look at this:

my hubby serving me dinner

the main course

the cab

dessert (yum!)

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wan-nabe said...

what a great weekend you had! and quite a fabulous hubby, too :)