Homemade Sunday

The first thing out of my kids mouths on the weekend is "what's for breakfast?"
With this on my mind, I remember that we didn't go grocery shopping to pick up something to cook. What is in the kitchen for me to make to shut my kids up?Pancakes... but not (box) pancake mix... a recipe for HOMEMADE PANCAKES.(seriously not as hard as you might think).

Here is the recipe. After adding mixing together all of the ingredients, they come out just as easy as the box mix (sans having to go to the store to begin cooking). The mix yields about 2 cups of batter; sadly, we had an early causalty. This cake had no sugar included in it's mix and therefore was tossed into the trash.

Here is Ryann helping mommy out in the kitchen:

Here is Chris and Clif giving me the "hurry up, I'm hungry" look:

Oh... and homemade pancakes would not be complete if .... (say it with me) they are not served with HOMEMADE SYRUP! Yup... I made syrup. The funny part is that we had ample syrup already in the house.

Pancakes are good... pancakes are our friend.


Nanette said...

Once again, I am very impressed!

WeezerMonkey said...

You made your own syrup?! Wow.

missynplt said...


wan-nabe said...

ooh, dude, i've done homemade pancakes and syrup too. so yummy! you'll never want to do the insta-mix stuff again!

R said...

Homemade syrup? I want the recipe. I've never even thought to make my own before.