Baking machine

Ok, I think that it is safe to say that I love to bake. Funny enough I don't really ever get to enjoy all of the desserts that I make. I am (so) LUCKY enough to have 2 great kids (who are always will to sample something swee); a husband that loves all things non-chocolate; 4 adult neighbors that say I'm 1 movie deal away from being called "Big Mama" and another 3 kids that ask me all the time "what are you making today?"

With that being said I tried to create something a little new mixed with a lot of old. I thought to myself, how would it taste if I mixed Pilsbury cinnamon rolls with my apple cobbler recipe? So I tried it. Basically, I just opened up the rolls; chopped them up and placed them inside of my apple mixture; baked as normal; and shizzam!... it turned out pretty good.

Here are some pics (I apologize for somem of the angles)


WeezerMonkey said...

Your family is lucky!

Nanette said...

I miss my oven!!! (Ours is broke, a new one is on its way.)

wan-nabe said...

how creative of you! oh, how i love pillsbury dough.