Soccer-Free Saturday

Woo hoo!
We opted not to allow the kids to participate in the "Gopher Classic" for soccer this year. I think they've been playing their tales off this year, so I wanted them to have a little break from sports this weekend. Raye's little friend, Charles, had his 7 year old birthday celebration at Pa's Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach. We headed out to the patch for some pumpkin fun, and enjoyed an afternoon with the carnies (one of those weird carnival folks even came up to the party and asked for a cupcake).

Here's the family:

Here is my attempt to get Raye and his friends on one of those 'spinning cup' rides (I was dizzy just looking at them spin around):


wan-nabe said...

aw, looks like fun!

R said...

Birthday party at a pumpkin patch? Sounds cool.