Old Navy fashion

So one day last week (yes, I'm playing catch up) dad and I decided to take a trip over to Old Navy, while we were waiting on the kids get out of school. Raye went to the park with his friend Shane, and we had a little under 1 hour to look for some clothes for Chris.

Dad is a picky shopper but we were able to find a couple of outfits that he liked.
Here's one of them... khakis+sweater+new socks
The "green binky" gave Chris some ATTITUDE!

(Clif actually didn't like this sweater at first - I did)


WeezerMonkey said...

So GQ. Love it.

wan-nabe said...

they never like the clothes until they see them ON the kids. hee! the bean's only a week old and i've already learned this three times!