Jones vs. Simpsons

With the Halloween holiday approaching, Clif and I were sitting around thinking about who we may want to dress up as. One thing led to another and we got on the topic of the Simpsons. I was thinking about submitting a tape to AFV with our family remaking the opening scene of the Simpson's television show (you know the scene where Homer almost gets run over by Marge in the driveway, while Bart skateboards on top of his car and the whole family enters into the livingroom and every week there's something "new" in that last scene?)

The skit would work out so perfectly, we thought, because we have the same 'make-up' as the family on the Simpson's. The only difference about our family is Ryann is older than Raye and Chris is not a girl. Other than that... we could give it a shot. Doh! Did I forget to mention that Clif doesn't really like sweets? I may have to re-think this whole idea... I mean Homer not eating jelly donuts? Huh?

So, here's our pictures with our television-like family/friends:
Chris with Maggie (Clif and Homer are watching over them so carefully)

Raye with Lisa

Ryann with Patricia Selma Bouvier (Marge's sister)

Me with Selma Bouvier (Marge's other sister)

...and Clif with Barney


WeezerMonkey said...

These pics are so cute!

R said...

These are funny pics. Where was this?