BLT... it's what's for dinner!

So, I didn't really feel like preparing some big, elaborate meal for dinner tonight. While watching Raye's 3:00 pm baseball game, I flipping through one of those supermarket, quick meal fixing magazine. Inside the magazine was an article about a sandwich I use to love a lot, a B-L-T. I made it with sourdough bread and added in a few slices of avocado for some added flavor. I also baked up some onion rings for a little crunch. The sandwich turned out nice, and was a welcomed change said Clif.


joe said...

wtf!? you made that? i seriously need to make friends like you. i need to learn how to cook/bake/everything else.

wan-nabe said...

mmmm, BLTs. i'm no avocado fan, but it sure looks fabulous!

R said...

You made your own onion rings too? I heart you.