Who needs ESPN when...

...I get my SPORTS FIX every single weekend with two athletes running around my house.

Here's Ryann's soccer game:
Warm up

Her deadly kick (see the little girl in her way ;)

Ryann as goalie

Ryann stopping a goal (do you see my baby grabbing the ball?)

Here's my champion...

Now Raye also had a soccer game on Saturday. He also had a good game.
Raye as goalie

Raye defending the goal kick

Raye also had a GREAT KICK (look to the right of the purple ball on the ground - in the sky)

Oh, we're not finished yet folks. This Saturday was a quadrupple day. Ryann had (3) games: 1 soccer and 2 softball + Raye's soccer game.
Here's Ryann at bat

..and here is Ryann playing third base (also known as the "hot corner")

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WeezerMonkey said...

Ryann's deadly kick is the best!