Friday (10/19) update:

Friday was a pretty ok day. Nothing to exciting happened during the day.
Wake up.
Get kids ready for school.
Visit properties.
Pick kids up from school.
Come home and try to unwind.

Clif came home early from work (early being 5p) and was in a playful mood.
We decided to take the kids bowling for a night of fun.
First up, Gable House Bowl. This is always a fun place to go and bowl. Rock N Glow bowl is uber-cool with really low lights, loud music and lots of booz :). As great as it is, it's not the most ideal place to take kids on a Friday night, because the lanes fill up pretty quickly (which is why we ended up at another place).

Palos Verdes bowl offered what Gable didn't... a lane to bowl on. Now, granted every worker in this place was over 60 years old, which mean just getting through the door was a task. Can you imagine what it's like to wait on your drinks, food, etc. when a 75 year old waitress has to carry everything? Or if your ball gets stuck in the (warped) bumpers, how long it takes a 81 year old man to go and retrieve it? Let's just say it was a long night (and not because we played a lot of games).

Bowling came to an end when Ryann got a very bad nose bleed. Now, in the past my daughter use to go booger hunting 'causing these episodes. I think she's outgrown this hobby, so I truly do not know what caused the sudden burst of blood from her nose. All I know is I looked up, and she had her hand cupped under her nose catching what was coming out. We made a mad dash to the bathroom (I tried to be as careful as possible not to get blood anywhere). 10 minutes later we were able to leave the bathroom and head home. I swear I was ready to head straight to the ER.


wan-nabe said...

i love bowling! too bad i suck at it. a lot.

R said...

I suck at bowling too, but it's fun with the right people. :)